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    Can anyone give any advice, experience, or information regarding the use of knifes both defensive and non-defensive usage? Thanks
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    I learned in the Navy as part of an elective Reserve course and used to practice with Fleet Marines assigned to my reserve unit. You can learn the basics with one of the US Marine hand-to-hand combat training manuals (I don't remember the number), but you will need someone to practice with.

    I never had to use my training in extremis; the one time a scumbag pulled a knife on me, I was carrying a 38 revolver. :D He beat feet, so I didn't get a chance to conserve part of the world's oxygen. Interestingly, my wife used the same revolver 13 years later to save her life, when a paroled felon attempted an assault on her. He didn't stick around long either, and was re-instituted for parole violations.

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    I like to look at the broad picture, if possible for defensive use of an edge weapon target the limbs commonly known as bio-mechanical cutting if even warranted to cut which may very well not be the case, this is considered the "use of deadly force." When given the chance, run away. Cutting is a last resort, no different then firing your pistol.

    In regards to learning to work with edge weapons the best advice I can give is seek out live training with a certified instructor and there are many but sometimes difficult to get on some areas. By all means after training work with a training partner using training knifes commonly called drones. Study various instructors, for instance Ernest Emerson and Bram Frank to name a few. Both have commonality in the basics but move in different directions as they go to advance levels. Both can be molded together for a solid training program.

    • Nothing beats live in person training with a known instructor.
    • Fix-blades are better then folders if you can fit them into your life style, concealed is best.
    • Don’t buy a knife because of hype but instead one that fits you and your life style along with buying a quality folder. Popular folders are Spyderco Endura model IV, Emerson Commander and Bram Frank’s LLC (was known as the Gunting).
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    you need to check out the knife magazines there are plenty of places that will teach you the defensive use of a knife also check out frontsight in Las Vegas Nevada :D :D :D :D