Knife sharpening tips?

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by HotFudge, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. HotFudge

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    I just bought some honing oil and a medium Arkansas stone and wanna touch up my Skeletool's blade


    I just want to re-sharpen the straight-edged portion of the blade and the point, don't wanna worry about the serrated portion for now.
  2. dvcguns

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    I have an APEX sharpener that will put a razor edge on any blade but it requires a bit of work (google APEX out of Mt. Hood, OR) so I've taken to sharpening my EDC blades (work blade) with the back side of a 1x30" sanding belt and a Harborfreight $40.00 sander. I just lay down some red ruge on the belt and then work the blade on it a few passes and it's razor sharp again. It will pop hairs after 4-5 passes on each side. Just let the belt do the work.

  3. SSGSF

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    It looks like you have some nicks in the blade? If not it's just the picture. If you have nick in the blade you will need to first start with a corse stone to work out the nicks, then work down to a medium then I a fine stone to finish it to a nice razor sharp look . I use water stones and I start with a 1000 grit and work all way to an 8000. Good luck and have fun .
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  5. Marlinman

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    All these are good suggestions. A lansky set will work wonders as well.

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