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    I was wondering if anyone knew the legality of knives, specifically FLA laws. I have looked and looked and find nothing substantial. I have carried a pocket folder almost my whole life even in school. (every kid that went to my NC high school did as well.)
    I have had many encounters with police and the pocket folder never caused a problem. I have let them know i have it and sometimes they don't even ask to see it or anything. What about a fixed blade though?
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    DISCLAIMER: I'm not a lawyer and everything I'm about to tell you is from memory.

    The simple rundown is that any Florida resident *without* a CCW can carry a "common pocketknife" concealed. "Common pocketknife" is, of course, subject to interpretation. If you *have* a CCW, you can carry any knife concealed, including automatics (switchblades).

    The ugly part is that, as I understand it, knife law in Florida isn't covered by the state preemption law that covers firearms. That means that communities around the state can pass whatever silly knife ordinances they want.

    You'd be wise to get your concealed weapons license. Even if you never carry a gun, it offers you some advantages when carrying a knife, and it lowers many penalties if you do trip over the line.