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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Hot Sauce NARC, Jun 21, 2009.

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    went out and shot the new warrior today and it was weird ive spent the last 2 years shooting exclusively with a glock and im pretty good imo, but when i went from using the long spongy glock trigger to the extremly crisp kimber trigger i started flinching really bad and pulling shots, the ones that i squeezed properly were like lazerbeams dead center one hole group type shots but most of them i pulled left or right because i think with the kimber trigger i know exactly when it is gonna break and flinching becomes a problem for me, i hope i can solve this problem with practice as thos is the first time i have shot a 1911 more than one or two rounds.

    I also had another weird problem i thought i had a ftf, but when i started looking at the gun when it wouldn't go back into battery i noticed that it was always on or about round 6 or 7 the slide would lock like when the mag was empty but there was 1 0r 2 rounds remaining. The bullets in the mag would be slightly forward up the feed ramp, i have no idea why it is doing this. Im using new wilson combat mags and speer lawman 230 grain round nose ammo:confused:
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    Snap caps... get your muscles familiar with a non recoiling gun;)

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    You may be limp wristing or you just aren't used to the 1911 platform or at minimum, that 1911. Magazines may be a problem, just try some others, it's an easy fix. If you're anticipating recoil/flinching, you're already aware of something to work on. Relax and get used to the pistol. Have some fun with it. ;)