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Kimbers Back ordered?

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I ordered a Kimber the week before christmas and it hasn't shipped yet to she shop i ordered it through. Does anyone have any insight as to how long this process takes? They said it will be longer since they were closed for a few days for christmas.
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It took my gun shop over a month to get a Kimber in stock. They told me after the VT shootings, handgun sales skyrocketed.
We've got a Kimber Master Shop here in town that keeps about 20 of them on hand. Find a new shop.

Funny thing is though, I waited 6 months to get my Springfield M1A from the same shop before I canceled the order.
Kimber sells more 1911's than anybody else.

During the Christmas shopping season, they sell so fast that many dealers can't keep them in stock. Moral of the story--if you wait until a week before Christmas to buy a Kimber, expect a significant wait in many parts of the country.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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