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    I recently purchased a Kimber super carry pro HD .45 1911. This is far the most expensive Kimber I have ever owned but not as expensive as a full blown custom like a Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Ed Brown etc. I must say I am impressed with the quality.

    I cleaned the gun of factory oil before firing and proceeded to run 162 rounds of ball 230 FMJ through without any problems. I cleaned again and fired an additional 350 rounds of the same ammo non stop. I had a friend loading magazines as I continually fired until I reached the 500 round mark. The gun performed flawlessly in the hour or so we burned through the ammo. I took the gun home and completely disassembled it taking out every spring and part and giving it a complete cleaning before re-assembling.

    The gun itself is all steel so it is heavy. The fit and finish are very nice. Slide to frame fit is very tight yet easy to cock. There are no sharp edges anywhere so it should be great for carry. It has a recessed cocking shoulder on the rear sight so you could cock it one handed if needed. It has night sights. There is a recessed area under the trigger guard that makes plenty of room for grip area. The grip itself has been bobbed and its very nice to actually see a metal, not plastic mainspring housing on a kimber! The scale pattern combined with the aggressive grip checkering and the trigger guard recess make it very grippy and easy to hang on to. There is no firing pin block which makes complete disassembly and reassembly easier. Has an Ambi Safety which is easy to take apart. It has the Kimpro II finish on it which looks great. I am skeptical to see how it holds up. I wish they would have just blued this gun as I have had Kimpro flake off pretty easy before on some aluminum framed guns. I am not sure what the Kimpro II difference is. It has a nice trigger pull. I misplaced my scale so I cant test it but it feels around 4 to 5 lbs.

    I did not do an accuracy test as it continually hit a 14" x 14" steel plate at 25 yards. That is minuet of bad guy as far as I am concerned and thats good enough for me.


    Very ergonomic, very easy to hang on to
    Runs Flawlessly when very dirty
    Nice Trigger
    No firing pin block
    Cocking shoulder on rear sight
    Ambi safety for southpaws
    Metal mainspring housing


    Heavy gun
    Price tag

    Next test will be to run hollow points of different mfg's and see how it performs.

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    I just purchased the Kimber Super Carry Pro today. I cleaned the gun and ran out to the range to put a few rounds through it. I shot only 58 rounds this time, but plan on going through 500 over the week or two. The first 58 ran flawlessly. This is my forth Kimber and I have had very good luck with each gun. I hope the trend continues with this one. I plan on keeping this one for a while.

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    Letter sent to kimber along with my new Kimber Super Carry Pro HD.


    I purchased the Kimber Super Carry Pro HD from retailer STG Firearms in Prescott Valley, AZ through the “GunsAmerica” website with Nosler Pro shop in Bend Oregon as my FFL in July 2011. Due to scheduling I had to wait nearly three weeks before I was able to shoot the weapon.
    Upon shooting the weapon running 200 rounds of 230 gr Remington UMC ammunition through it, using the stock mag as well as 4 almost brand new Wilson Combat mags I experienced the following with each mag.

    At least 8 FTF’s (somewhat expected although upsetting at this price range and documented extensively online both in writing and on video regarding other Kimber models). 4 times after emptying a mag (slide back) and replacing with fresh mag the slide closed or dropped on its own without depressing the slide release. Also after firing several rounds the trigger would freeze and the weapon would not fire even though the round “seemed” fully chambered (the safety was not engaged). This “freezing” happened on 4 occasions which leads me to believe that I had 4 more FTF’s for a total of 12

    I realize the shorter barrel on this weapon can reduce accuracy however accuracy at 25 yrds was very questionable (prob me). In addition, I had two other .45 cal handguns (SIG P220 brand new, Springfield 1911 RO brand new) and 2 9mm’s (Colt 1911 9mm 70s and a SIG P226 80s) at the range on this particular day. The accuracy and reliability of both the the SIG P220 and the Springfield 1911 RO .45 at 25 yrds was impeccable and shooting 200 rounds through each of these weapons had only one FTF with the Springfield 1911 RO. Both of these weapons are far less expensive than the Kimber Super Carry Pro HD and I have never had an FTF issue or accuracy issue in either of the two 9mm’s mentioned above.

    I feel very good about the ergonomics of the Super Carry Pro HD. It feels good in my hand and and I purchased it with intent to carry. I like the looks and various “extras” on the weapon from the bobtail to the “carrymelt” treatment ect.

    I purchased this weapon despite what I had read online regarding owners of other Kimber models and various FTF issues people have experienced after the “break-in” period. One online video shows some owners together at a range with 2 diff models long after break-in having multiple FTF’s and making jokes about Kimber’s reliability and” high tolerance” weapon making skills. Being from Oregon I have a little pride in the knowledge that Kimbers began here and at one time had an unwavering reputation for reliability and quality. I truly hope I can maintain that pride and share with the Nosler family and the STG Firearms organization how hard Kimber worked to resolve the problems this firearm has.
    Thank you,
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    Did you clean and lube the gun before your break in period? I haven't experienced any failures 1500 rounds after break in. I'd send it back to Kimber ASAP. They will make it right.
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    Nice review on a nice weapon. I picked up my Pro carry HD shortly before the Super Carry came out and the first thing I plan to change on it is a bobbed MSH.
    Like you, I can't complain at all about the performance, it's been a great pistol.
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    Follow up Super Carry Pro HD

    Today I have recieved a call from Kimber asking more questions relating to the problems I described in the letter I sent with the SCP HD. They have assured me that the problems will be delt with.

    One interesting thing to note. She mentioned to me (Kimber's Customer service rep) that the slide will sometimes return to battery without depressing the slide realease if, you insert a new mag with too much force. Not so sure about that feature.
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    I really like both my Kimbers. However, I do experience 1-2 FTF and/or FTE about every 100 rounds. Could be the magazine or Remington UMC ammo too? Seems to occur between 75-100 rounds so I might have it under lubed too?