Kimber Solo Carry vs. Colt Mustang

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by aandabooks, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. aandabooks

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    My LGS has both in stock and they are both well made little pocket guns. The Kimber is $100 more than the Colt but is 9mm which I already reload for. Both are a bit pricey for pocket guns but I think either would hold their value far above a Ruger LCP or similiar gun.

    I already have a XDS .45 and a S&W 642 .38. I don't conceal carry yet due to being in Illinois. Am I crazy for considering either of these guns? If I'm not crazy, which one should I seriously consider?
  2. JW357

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    I have no personal experience with either gun. Kimbers only have a one year warranty. I believe? Which is total BS, if you ask me, for a gun that expensive. Not sure about Colt.

    If it were me: if its a matter of brand, I'd choose the Colt. If its a matter of caliber, I'd choice the Kimber. :confused:

    :( wish I were more helpful to you

    Actually... One last thing... Are you crazy for considering these guns? No. More guns is better than less guns. :)

  3. Brue182

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    I have only shot the solo but I have to say I am impressed with it. It's a nice little gun with not much of a kick. Was shooting it over the weekend and put about 150 rounds through it. I would definitely get one if I could find one for a decent price. I would love to get ahold of the new polymer Mustang and compare the two.

    Only thing that I thought was weird about the solo was when the slide is locked back the barrel just flops around. Seemed extremely loose to me but once the slide was engaged it worked like a champ.
  4. JonM

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    If your going 380 the ruger lcp is a better pocket carry. I dont say that often about colt pistols...

    You will never see a kimber in my collection.
  5. FullautoUSA

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    No experience with either, but I have some advice, yesterday I fired a Kimber ccw sized 9mm 1911 and it was great, I know the Solo Carry isn't a 1911, but based on my experience I think I can say that the Solo Carry is probably a great gun too. But then again you can't go wrong with Colt. The Kimber, however, is in a much better caliber, but the Colt is a 1911 and is also a Colt. Just think about that and choose which one you think is the best. My recommendation is to wait and see if a Colt Defender comes in the shop! :D
  6. TexasGunner

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    I have a Sig P238HD which is basically the same as the Colt Mustang. Only the Sig has better sights. Love that little gun.