Kimber SIS CustonRL

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by chip0351, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. chip0351

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    I am looking at buying an SIS. Never shot comp. before. Is this a good buy
  2. Dillinger

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    I hadn't seen this model before your post, but it appears to be a nice piece of kit. The frame and slide are both machined steel & you get the standard Kimber Match Grade barrel plus night sights. I am not a huge fan of the rail on the underside, but it's not a drawback other than needing a more specialized holster. I have owned ( 3 ) Kimbers and they all shot extremely well right out of the box. The most work I ever had to do to one was a slight trigger adjustment to a more personal "street" trigger setting, which is a lighter weight. Looks like they go from anywhere around $1250 and up on the internet sites, which is no small amount of money. I would definitely recommend finding a Master Dealer who stocks one and go and play with it before plopping down that kind of money. Post some pictures when you get it so we can all sit in jealousy. :cool:


  3. brointheknow

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    In California the SIS is sold to law enforcement only. You might want to check with your local gun dealer before dreaming of one. LOL