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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by CCW357, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I just picked a New Raptor Ultra and took it out for some range time todsy.
    First 50 rds were Magtech 230 FMC Hardball, after that I ran 50 rds of PMC 185 JHP's and then 100 rds of Fiocchi 250g FMJ. The only problem I had was a couple of ftrb at the beginning,I am impressed and Going to put in a few hundred more to break her in. I am real happy with it Very accurare and a pleasure to shoot. I am using the Wilson Mags and I really like the them. I will post again after the next session.

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  2. Dillinger

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    I had a Kimber Raptor II for a couple of years. It was a great gun and ran with anything and everything that I fed it. I ended up selling it for about the same price I paid for it, within $50, and upgraded to my Nighthawk T3.

    Truth be told, for a 4" 1911, that pistol was a hell of a piece of kit. Great little pistol.


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    Sounds like a nice piece that should serve you for years to come .

    According to Bill Wilson the number 1 problem with production 1911's is the makers fail to correctly tune the extractors causing the FTRTB issues you had .

    If they continue you have three choices 1 send it back to Kimber , 2 take it to a local Smith for this simple fix or 3 do it yourself .

    I did it myself on my Full size Charles Daly and it didn't take long at all or require any special tools .

    I imagine it is simply putting to much pressure on the cartridge and needs the pressure reduced with a slight bend in the extractor .

    Here are a few sights to help you with any problems you may have with this or other 1911's .

    On the second sight look on the left and click on Technical Issues and then look in the box in the middle of the screen and you will find Extractor tuning and installation tips by Bill Wilson .
  4. CCW357

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    Thanks for the replys... I added a Wilson mag well today and I like it. It gives me a little more length on the grip.I will run a couple hundred more rounds through it this weekend. so far I am very impressed with it.
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    New Kimber Ultra Raptor II

    I purchased an Ultra raptor II 3 weeks ago and just took it to the range today. I put 50 rds of Magtech FMJ 230 gr, 100 rds of S&B 230 FMJ,
    100 rds of American Eagle 230 gr FMJ, and 50 rds of Remington 230 Gr
    golden sabre BJHP. I could not be happier as the firearm functioned flawlessly! All rounds hit within the 9 and 10 ring with 90% within the ten
    ring at both 10 and 7 meter range. This was using a Weaver stance without
    any kind of rest! This pistol really impressed me! This is my first experience
    with Kimber and I am extremely pleased.