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The Stainless TLE II" .45 ACP is a stainless steel version of the duty pistol carried by LAPD SWAT. Important upgrades from the Kimber Custom Shop" like Meprolight night sights and 30 lines-per-inch checkering on the front strap are also included. Based on the Kimber Stainless II," it has standard features like match grade barrel, chamber, trigger and barrel bushing, along with a frame and slide carefully machined from solid stainless steel for additional resistance to the elements. [...] The single-stage trigger breaks at 4"5 pounds without the creep and overtravel common to other designs [...].

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First Range Session
During the first trip to the range I put exactly 372 rounds through it in a few hours. I have went through 4 fifty round boxes of 230 grain Magtech FMJ loads and 2 fifty round boxes of 230 grain Federal FMJ loads. Finally, I went through 72 rounds (8 mags loaded 8+1 each) of a proven carry load, the 230grain Hordady TAP +P Hollow Points to test for relaibility after I went through all of the FMJ ammunition. There were no malfunctions of any kind experenced. Furthermore, the recoil of the FMJ rounds was nearly identical to the +P loads.

Here is the last target produced of the Hornady TAP +P load at 17 yards:

Second Range Session
During the second range visit 200 more rounds went through the TLE. 150 Magtech FMJ loads and 50 more of the 230 grain Hornady TAP+P loads.

Again not a jam, sputter, or cough. This was the best 25 yard group achieved with concentraited slow fire:

This weapon has been utterly reliable and surprising accurate and anyone would be pleased to add this weapon to their collection.

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