Kill marks, real or myth?

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    I've heard of a lot of guys with SKS' or Mosin Nagants say there is obvious scratch marks in a line in the stocks of their rifles. I looked closely at mine the other day and found 2 small X's scratched into the stock of my 91/30 so it got me wondering. Some guys say its just coincidental scratch marks from shipping and storing etc.
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    I would not be surprised to find that some men did notch their service weapons, but I would think it would be a small percentage.

    The human animal even in war, for the most part, still has a societal programming.

    That is one of the easiest ways to describe why PTSD exists, because our society no longer "celebrates" the hunter/warrior the way they did back when the Indian roamed the plains.

    If a brave came back from a war party, had 3 scalps or was recognized as being a fierce warrior by other members, he was reveared and heralded as the pride of the tribe.

    If a serviceman, or woman, today were to do the same thing they would be labeled a monster.

    Dating back to both World Wars the men on both sides were more quiet types. They didn't talk about their feelings openly and when they did discuss things like the battles they were in, it was amongst other members of the military who could understand.

    You add that to the fact that most of them came back from the war on boats sailing across the ocean for weeks. That helps explain why not as many WWI and WWII vets had as many problems readjusting to society as opposed to Vietnam where I guy woke up in the jungle one day and woke up "back in the world" the next.

    There was no decompression time, no time to de-escalate the bodies' enheightened senses that were awoken during combat.

    My guess is that someone who would be openly notching their weapon might not be the most trusted of individual in a trench or bunker, just because of the fact that their appearance to celebrate death in such a way might make them more prone to attempt to re-create it.

    I.E. - Take unnecessary chances.

    Just a thought.


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    I've wondered about that. My SKS didn't come in its original stock (unless Ramline was selling to the Chinese too).

    I do remember two different .45 revolvers i've seen that had notches in the grip for persons killed. One was notched by a rural sheriff in TN who carried it for many years on duty; this gun was eventually stolen from a roomate (sheriff's grandson) in Memphis.
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    I say myth, nobody would do that.

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    Keep in mind that fighter planes and bombers kept a tally. It took 3 kills for a fighter pilot to become an ace.
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    JTJ, 5, not 3. As far as notching the stock- sure, just LET one of my Sgt's catch you whittling on the stock! :eek:
    However, TANKERs were known to paint rings on the main gun tube...........
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    So are A-10 Warthog pilots :p