Kill It, Cut It, Use It...

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    This Brit babe also hosts a series called "Kill It, Cook It, Eat It" as well. I enjoy watching the shows, but a lot of other people have a problem with it. In the rabbit hunting show, they use ferrets to drag the rabbits out of their holes, hence the expression "ferret out [something]." In the various hunting sequences, she takes non-hunters out to shoot their own food.

    In all the shows, they end up attending the butchering, then the cooking, and eating, of the meat at their own little banquet.

    I think she intended the show as an animal rights production, but ultimately she discovered that a goodly portion of consumers are not bothered by the exposure to the butchering and processing stages of meat. I think that's what she learned from it, much to her own surprise.

    She always has a vegetarian, and an animal rights activist, and several other city folk from London, on her shows.

    I loved the various hunting sequences. Listening to the reactions of the guests on the show is amusing.
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