Kids are great but I hate the ER..

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by fupuk, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. fupuk

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    My son is 15 months old and while I was at work tonight my wife calls and tells me he stoped breathing and was having a seizure. She had already called 911 and the ambulance was on their way to get them from her parents house. I leave work I dont know how fast I was going but I made it there before them. The Doc said its because his temp spiked very fast up to 104 and his body couldnt take it. Hes alright now just trying to get his temp down but hes acting like nothing ever happend. We were here a few months ago when he fell and had to get stitches.
  2. texaswoodworker

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    I guess going to the ER is part of having kids. :D

    Glad everything turned out ok.

  3. kfox75

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    Glad to hear he is OK. That phone call at work is rough, I've been there more than once myself. I actually had a boss tell me if I clocked out I would be fired. My wife and daughter were in the hospital due to a car slamming into their truck. Bet you can guess what my response was.

    BTW, they were both alright. Just a little banged up. Still scared the he!! out of me though. The normal 20 minute drive to the hospital took me 10 minutes. And yes, the boss decided to not fire me when he found out why I was leaving.
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    Kids. I'm glad things are okay.
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    I got a call from my wife like that when my girl was about the same age. Her eyes were rolling back in her head, wasn't breathing right, and was passing out. I drifted my car around every corner and curve to get to the hospital. Any pro driver would have had trouble keeping up in a similar car. It ended up being a high fever from the flu or something. Still scary.

    Glad everything turned out ok for you.