Kershaw parts or service?

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by orangello, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. orangello

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    I broke the little safety latch on my Leek. The Kershaw website seems to indicate that part isn't sold but can be installed at the factory.

    Has anybody used Kershaw's warranty or service? How long did it take?

    I really wish that little piece wasn't plastic. :(
  2. trip286

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    You broke it? Heck I removed mine, it would always end up being locked at the most inopportune moment.

    That said, I need to follow this thread, I've broken the tip on mine and the assist spring gave out.

    I've used it to pry paint can lids, pry on other stuff, cut wire, do all kind of ridiculous stuff one normally wouldn't do with a knife, but then I tried to tighten one little light switch cover plate screw and almost an inch snapped off. I was pissed. And I want to get it fixed. It was an anniversary gift from my wife, first year married.

  3. Drriley

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    send them an email. I broke the safety catch on mine and they mailed me the part.

    I have also returned a leek that I broke (blade tip) and they replaced it no questions asked.

    not only a great knife but great customer service too..
  4. Txhillbilly

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    Kershaw has great customer service.I have a bunch of them,and they have fixed/replaced several that I've broken over the years.
    There is a small service fee,but they will send your knife back fast and factory razor sharp.They probably list the fee online,it's not much.

    That reminds me,I have 2 or 3 that I need to send back in for repair setting in the safe! I'm pretty hard on knives.
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