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    Last night I went to a shooting class near College Station, Texas. The instructor, Kenan Flasowski of Fast762. Kenan is a former Delta operator with over 20 years in the SOCOM community. I have to say this was one of the best classes I have gone to. The class was billed as pistol/flashlight class. We got out there about 5pm, after a quick intro, we instantly started shooting. Kenan's philosphy seems to be learn by doing, he constantly pushes you to improve on your own way doing something or trying something new that may work for you better. After about 5 hours of class we ended the night by doing active shooter situations and running multiple target drills. I have been to several classes over the years in the military and civilian classes and Kenan's class ranks up there with the best of them. The best part of the whole thing it was very cheap. For 6 hours in a 7 person class the total came out to $100.

    If you're looking to get some training, I highly recomend this guy.
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