KelTek .380

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Samhain, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Samhain

    Samhain New Member

    I bought this KelTec about a year ago. The gun (new), holster, & 100 rounds
    for under $300 out the door. My question is does anyone else have this gun?
    I find it not at all comfortable to shoot. It almost pops out of my hand, and kinda hurts. My girlfriend shot 5 rounds and hated it. I almost traded it in but my local dealer said they could only give me about $100 for it on a trade in for a new gun. So I thought I would keep just for my collection, but I doubt I will ever shoot it agian. My thought is if I'm not going to carry or shoot it I shoult take the lose and trade it on my next purchase. What would you do??
  2. jeepcreep927

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    No way would I take $100 for it on a trade in. That's almost an insult. Obviously this gun isn't made for a ton of plinking or shooting, it's made for a back up, concealment or small carry gun. I have one and love it. I have gotten so used to it sitting in my front pocket I never notice it anymore. I would keep it incase you decide to carry concealed (depending on where you live). Just my advise. If you REALLY don't want it, sell it private sale. Hell, I'll give you $125 for it.:)
    Good luck.


    EAGSMN Guest

    Wife wants one

    My wife shot one for the first time yesterday and loved it. If you want to sell it let me know.
  4. kirby62

    kirby62 Guest

    Sounds like you got the wrong gun for what you doing. If your plinkin or shooting paper, you should have a full size pistol. That Kel Tec's for what jeepcreep said. Don't sell it! you never know you'll a backup piece after your shotgun's empty. Burglars or Zombies. It always seems like there's always more than one coming at ya these days.
  5. samspade

    samspade Guest

    don't break your wrist

    it is by all accounts a good little concealed carry backup auto, and a lot of pros carry it. Love it or hate it; my buddy pinched the webbing between his thumb and forefinger; I can only fit one finger on the grips. I heard of feeding problems when shooting with a limp wrist (I'm not kidding, don't break your wrist and it will shoot better). Love it or get rid of it; if you choose the latter, I will gladly give you $350-$400 for the whole rig - holster, ammo and all. Say the word my man.
  6. dgray64

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    This is a great little gun. It's made for self defense not as a general target plinker. Mine hurt my hand as well, so I tried something new. I bought the biggest bicycle tube I could get at Wally World (1 3/4" or 2") and cut two (2) hand grips out of it. If you look at advertisements for commercial slip-over grips you can get an idea of the general design. Cut it with a box cutter or scissors then trim to fit. Wet the inside with some dish soap and water and slip it on the grip. When it's on good, put the second one over it. The reason for two is to make the grip just a little bigger AND to act as a shock absorber. You will be surprised at how much better it shoots and feels in your hand, plus the rubber of the tube makes it stay in your hand and now slip everywhere. The water/soap mix will dry quickly and the whole thing will be neat.


    If you want to target shoot, get a bigger gun like an SR9 Ruger, or a Glock 17, or a Springfield XD9. Keep the Kel-Tek for self defense and practice with it as well. With the new grip you will think it's a different gun. Enjoy!

    Dave :)
  7. Musket

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    I have one and love it. Being female I have smaller hands that fit the grip. But, as noted above, this is not a target gun. I can comfortably put a couple dozen rounds through it before it beats me up--but thats the point. I dont expect to be plinking or target shooting. I just need to pull the trigger enough times to stop the threat. I can control it and shoot it with enough accuracy to make it a good defensive weapon.

    keep it as a carry and get yourself a plinking gun. :)
  8. DogRanger

    DogRanger New Member

    Keep it and get the pinky ext from Pierce that will make a difference.