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    hello everyone,
    was wondering, if i purchased a keltec sub2k from keltec, can they install the bullet button from factory or does this have to be a job done somewhere else? i understand that i can buy from keltec but if it doesnt have bullet button, then how can i obtain it?
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    I'm positive you cannot buy straight from Kel TEC as far as the gun itself goes, just through dealers. As far as a bullet button I haven't a clue how those work- such BS you have to have one where you live. Go to the KTOG forums (Kel Tec owners group) under Sub2000 forum and ask. When I first bought mine I was kinda clueless about it, and became a member and learned sooo much in no time! Great bunch of guys with years of knowledge and they love their Sub2k's! Always willing to help- just follow the rules on posting, they want you to read the rules- it helps with the same questions being asked a thousand times ect... Just use the search engine and most of the time you'll find what you need, if not- just ask, they even have a section to help people find S2k's in their area. Good luck bro!
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