Kel Tek and SR9C

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by JTJ, Dec 7, 2010.

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    I picked up a very clean Kel Tek P11 last night for $200. I took it to the indoor range today. My wife went with me and I surprised her with a new Ruger SR9C. Our anniverary is this Saturday. I traded in my Kel Tek PF9. She usually complains I am buying too many guns but this time she just said thank you.
    The 1st target (03) is the P11 at 7 yds. I fired 10 rnds of Fiocchi 115 HP and it did not like it. No jams but it was low and spread. The next rnds were 147gr flat nose AE and it liked them.
    The 2nd target (04) is my wife shooting the SR9C at 7yds. She shot a combination of 115gr Blaser Brass and Fiocchi 115gr HP. Aside from one bad flier, she did very well. No jams

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    Cool beans. :cool:

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    That is very nice.