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    Anybody know anything about the Kel-Tec P9? I think that's the model, something a little better than a mouse gun, but easier to conceal than my 1911 or .357. I know Dillinger, anyone can easily conceal a 1911, especially here in Alaska where we wear bulky coats in winter. Only problem, inside every store in winter it's 80 freaking degrees so off comes the coat and you're strolling around in your T shirt like you lived in AZ or someplace. Actually not, there it's 65* in buildings. Currently I carry a NAA Guardian .380 in my hip pocket most times, but would like something a bit more authoritative. Thanks for any constructive input, the back of my hand to you wiseacres.
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    I had a Kel Tec in 40 S/W, very unreliable. Had a gun smith look at it, I polished the ramp, tried different ammo, nothing helped, stilled randomly jambed. I thought it was a piece of junk. Now its Glock or not.


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    Have you looked into the Kahr Arms .45 ACP pistol?


    These pistols have garnered decent reviews, and the quality is above what Kel-Tec produces. The pistols are very slim, the grips are very comfortable, and the vertical lines in the back and forward straps will aid in controlling the recoil of those 230 grain .45 ACP rounds. The pistol is very user friendly so I think you would do good with getting something like this. Kahr pistols are a little more expensive than the Kel-Tec models, but if you can afford it, why not?

    Another plus is these pistols are still very concealable in winter and summer temperatures.
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    My 2 cents

    Well, I gotta Kel Tec PF-9 and I think it's a great carry piece. I even attached a LaserLyte FSL Laser Sighting system to the accessory rail ( which hardly added any weight ) so that it's a perfect CCW, especially in low light situations. I also added a RH clip, so that I can carry it in my pocket or IWB strong side hip.

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    I've worked on too many Kel-Tecs to even THINK about liking them anymore. Kel-Tec customer service sucks too-almost as bad as Beretta. I know this from sending several back for customers who came to me with them, asking for me to send them back.
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    Kahr has a good reputation, but I find the grips uncomfortable. For concealed carry, that might not be so important, of course.