Kel-Tec Sub2000 9mm

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    I was thinking of adding a 9mm carbine in the next few weeks. I've got a ton of 9mm ammo (and only one 9mm pistol), so it makes sense as a simple, affordable addition. I was looking at the Hi-Point 995, but then noticed Kel-Tec makes a lighter version for just $100 or so more. Better yet, if I get the one with the Glock grip, I might put to use a couple of 33-rd mags I've got sitting around.

    So I'd like to know what your impressions are of this gun. Is it a good value? Are they easy enough to find? I've noticed that Bud's and Impact Guns both have the Hi-Points in stock, but not the Kel-Tecs....wasn't sure if they had been recently discontinued or are just less common.

    Also out of curiousity, how much does the 16" barrel alter the velocity of a 9mm round vs a 4-5" pistol?

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    I have one in the Glock flavor. It is fun and reliable with Glock
    M17 mags, including the 33 rd ones. Go here for the ballistics:

    Ballistics by the inch

    (scroll down to the right and click results, then caliber of choice):D

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    A good friend of mine bought one in .40SW that uses G22 mags. It has been 100% reliable. Getting one that uses G17 mags in 9mm sounds like a no brainer to me.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll just have to keep my eye out for one. I've got a couple of those 33-rd Glock mags sitting around and don't even own a this might be a fun way to solve that problem.
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    They may be reliable, but if you hold one in your hands and examine it you probably won't buy it. They are way too expensive for what they are. Not a rugged gun. Too much plastic. The sights are particularly cheap w/no elevation adjustment. A HiPoint is a better value and about half the price. I shot my friends Sub2000 and was NOT impressed!
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    Do they make any replacements for the Kel-Tec Stocks, like ATI makes for the Hi-Point 995?


    Kel Tec or Hi-Point? or?

    Hello all, RON L here - SERE SURPLUS

    I have never owned one of the kel Tec carbines, but I have owned a HI-POINT carbine, while not a Fav or mine the HI Point carbine suprised me with it's rugged ability to take all I dished out to it, I.E. Not cleaning it, Crapppy ammo, Tossed a lot and around?

    The Kel tec, I know a felow that has the Model that will take Glock mags and while I did like the Interchangeabilty of the mags, yea, it did seem Flimsy and several things about how it was made and what it was made of Concerend me indeed? I even looked at the 223 Model, as I love the Concept of a Folding carbine? It's a great Companion to a handgun in that same caliber an if it will take the same mags all the better? As it is in lfe Great Concept, Poor execution of that idea? The cost of the Kel-Tec far out exceeds a desire to own one and even if ya ignore flaws so easily seen, it's not for me, On the other hand, a HI-Point Carbine used to be easy to find and afford but will not fold and I've seen a few Home attemts to make it do so and had to laugh? I'm still looking for a KEL TEC type weapon with a better or simular cost and better design, I feel I might be waiting a long time?

    Just my .02 but with Obama's plans and Taxes i'll have to charge $12.40?


    *ARM AMERICA* New Member

    My two cents, go for the kel tec.
    They are great truck guns,
    have the lifetime warranty,
    guaranteed accurate to 100 yards from the factory.
    The front sights are kinda cheesy but mine hasn't broken yet.
    Already having the Glock mags would make it a no brainer for me.
  9. Dillinger

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    A sub gun, in 9mm, with an accuracy gaurantee, at 100 yards?? :eek:


  10. canebrake

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    *ARM AMERICA* why don't you go over to the Introduction Section and tell us a little about yourself.

    I'd be real intrested in your source and definition of "factory guaranteed accurate to 100 yards" for this kel-tec 9 mike mike?

    I think you're stretching kel-tec's term of "Practical Range" into something a tad far reaching!
  11. sub 2000

    yea i really wanted one of these but i live in California and there is an evil pistol grip on that thing. im not sure if personally id want in in a 9 mm. though, a 45 would be better i think. Since they fold they would be good for like under a seat in a car. i like kel tec but if i was going to spend the money i would get a kel tec SU16A and change out the lame pi-pod with an AR hanguard one, they are realy cool.