Kel Tec SU16

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by gilfo, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. gilfo

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    Well just got my new to me Kel Tec Su16. Looking for advise on a couple of things.
    1-What ammo runs the best it it?
    2-Any sling suggestions and how to mount em-thinking a single or 2 position.


    PS no photo's right now-Santa didn't bring a new camera that was on my list.
    Guess I was a bad boy.
  2. CA357

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    The SU 16 is a great rifle, you'll love it. My suggestion is to keep it stock and don't tacticool it up. They're designed for portability and for quick and easy deployment, not as an assault weapon. If you want that, buy an AR type and go all out.

    The SU 16 is great for the woods and gives you decent firepower. Mine was accurate, dependable and fun to shoot, a great combination.

    As far as ammunition, I used Lake City/Federal XM193 in mine.

    JMHO ;)