kel-tec pmr 30

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by collier281, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. collier281

    collier281 New Member

    has anybody had any dealings with this gun supposly after they have redisigned the gun to take care of jamming problems.
    i know they a hard to get, and prices are thru the roof when somebody has one for sale, but need to know is the gun is worth the price at MSRP
    thank you

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Well, if you're a fan of really ugly handguns that don't seem to preform well I suppose the price is very fair :rolleyes: :D
    Seriously, not heard a good word about them :eek:

  3. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    There have been a few lately that have ended up with some shooters that I know. They are in fact performing quite well. They're strange-looking, light as a feather, fire-breathing brass slingers. Oh, and they're really loud. The triggers aren't so hot. They've been going for $400 in these parts.

    I don't have much use for one myself, but otherwise they're pretty neat little guns. The lack of weight is kind of shocking when you pick one up. I've also been told more than once that loading the magazine to about 80% capacity (like 23-25 rounds, rather than 30) alleviates the primary feed issues. I guess some cases were getting beat up and dented a bit when people tried to squeeze 30rds in there. So maybe it should be called the PMR-24.

    Good plinker, maybe varminter...can't really imagine any other practical use.