Kel-Tec PMR-30

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    I have 5 people who would like to own one, but my usual supplier is not getting them in a timely manner and cannot meet my needs.

    Why isn't Kel-Tec supplying enough?

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    I wasn't impressed with the one my dealer got for me.I could see all the way thru the slide/frame beneath the barrel on all 3 that he received.They all had a big gap about 2 inches from the muzzle.It closed when you pulled the slide back,and then would get a big gap when you returned the slide home(closed).

    Something just didn't seem right to me.I'm glad I passed on the first production run of them now.
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    ugggh. i wont be ordering one sight unseen thats for sure
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    I can only see that the new KSG shotgun uses the same pistol grip, so it may be that they decided to focus on the KSG for awhile and slacked off on the PMR-30
    Nothing on the Keltec Site shows any stoppage on the PMR-30...
    That report on the Firearms Blog is fairly old, and had to do with the recall, where they recalled the early PMR-30's to change the barrel...

    This is a bit newer, and explains it a bit better...

    I've gone from 7th in line to 2nd this year, waiting on a PMR-30...there is definitely a slowdown somewhere.
    Got a Grendel P-30, the predecessor, & an R-31, which I polished the internals on both & use Federal 50-gr Gameshok Loads predominately...
    they work Great!! Also use CCI Minimags...& a few others, but the GameShoks group the best with CCI a close second.
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