Kel Tec PLR-22

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by thundermonty, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. thundermonty

    thundermonty New Member

    I was thinking of getting a kel tec plr-22. i was wondering, would it be worth it to buy it for about 300$, then buy a forend, grip, and muzzle break for about 100$ more? thanks.

  2. Werminator

    Werminator Member

    Quite honestly Monty I like their SU-22 better. Be careful modifying your pistol with add on grip, flash hider, compensator, or whatever. I haven't done so recently, but in my readings of Missouri state law a lot of screw on accessories are iffy in the eyes of the law. Adding a front grip to a pistol also qualifies it to require a tax stamp and registration as an SBR (I think)... What a pain... Spring a few extra bucks and get the rifle version to start with!

  3. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Well-Known Member

    I have had the 223 version-PLR 16,for several years.It is a fun gun to shoot,and for what it is,pretty accurate with handloads.
    If the 22lr version is as good as the centerfire,I'd say get one.I haven't read much about the rimfire version.
    The muzzle brake shouldn't be needed on the 22,but I'd get the barrel shroud.As others have said,a forward grip is a big no no on a pistol,unless you want to do the paper work,and pay for the 200 dollar tax stamp.
  4. Double_tap

    Double_tap New Member

    I say go for it, I bought a GSG5 a while back and alot of my gun buddies poked alota fun for me being so excited over a 22, but end result was I have a blast shooting it and for the price of ammo I have been able to shoot it every day for some time now and hands down its a cool looking weapon. Id love to shoot my AR every day but $40 for a box of 100 rounds vs $21 for a box of 550 rounds
  5. thundermonty

    thundermonty New Member

    okay, although the muzzle brake looks cool i guess it is not essential. i will get the forward shroud. it tempts me to get a grip anyway, because i live really far out in the country where cops dont come by unless they want to get shot haha. but seriously, i could only put it on while shooting and then take the grip off afterwards.