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    Hey guys, been thinking alot about a new gun to purchase. Its between a bullpup rifle (left handed/ambidextrious) or this. I know this isnt left handed but kel tec supposedly has a way to combat the right handed ejection system. I know the two categories are miles away from each other in every way including price. Which has me leaning slightly towards plr. Any thoughts or info? Is it reliable, good quality, accurate, fun,etc...? Thank you!
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    I've had a PLR-16 since they first came out and think it's great. FYI, I'd had it for about 5 years and decided to make it a project gun back in 2011. Got the stamp from the BATF and turned it into a SBR. The gun shoots anything I put in it and accepts AR mags, suppressors and any accessory that will fit on a rail. Before the unpleasantness happened last month, I seriously considered getting another one but at the last minute (the day before the shooting to be exact) I found a GREAT deal on an M&P-15 and got the S&W instead. I'd still consider another PLR but with them currently selling for up to twice the normal price, I'm waiting until things calm down before I make any decision. FWIW, would I buy another PLR-16 for the right price... in a heartbeat! :D

    BTW, buy the KT fore grip and a decent muzzle break, they are worth the extra dollars.

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