kel-tec plr-16 223 pistol

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by blitzen25cat, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. blitzen25cat

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    stopped in the gun shop today and saw a kel-tec plr-16 has muzzle break rail sling and red dot scope and ten rd. mag This is a new gun. How does $350 out the door sound. A friend of mine is also looking at it but I got a better price as I am a regular customer and help out the owner with military Items to price. What do you all think of this deal. Thanks:D
  2. sweeper22

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    $350? I'd buy it!

    I've been pretty happy with my Kel-Tecs. Their customer service is great and you can get replacement parts and accessories direct through the company at very good prices.

    And if it's not so great? Well, Bud's charges $499 for these, so you just paid 30% below a very competitive price. In other words, you'll probably come out ahead if you decide to sell. This is a "no-lose" situation, go for it!