Kel-Tec PF9

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    I purchased one of these hand guns last year and I really didn't have a place to shoot it. So I cleaned it from time to time and finally we had a gun range that opened up not to far from where I live. I bought some ammuntion and every clip that I shot it must have jammed 2 or 3 times. I let the gunsmith look at it and he changed out the firing pin as well as a few other parts. It didn't do a bit of good. Someone told me to put about 50 rounds of expensive ammo through it and it would fix the problem, well about 250 rounds later it still does the same thing. I now see something else that has come up as a problem. When I pull the trigger itpulls really easy until it's ready to release, which it doesn't do all the time. Has anyone else had this type of problem with it before?

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    Try shooting from a rest, or at least when braced against the shooting bench or sand bags. I found that this was the problem with mine.

    The PF9 seems to be subject to limp wristing. Mine has been flawless with 115 grain ammo, but had issues with 124 & 147 grain. I had a range officer, who carries a PF9 try my Winchester 147 grain ammo in his pistol & it cycled fine, but he couldn't get it to cycle in mine. I thought this eliminated the case of me limp wristing, so I sent it for repair. Three trips (whole pistol replaced the last time) later, still does it. Finally I shot it from a rest, using 124 grain & no FTF!! Everytime I'd shoot it without the rest, had FTFs.

    I would have not believed it because the difference in recoil is so imperceptable that I don't really notice it, but it seems to be just enough to make the difference. At my age, muscles don't respond to exercise like they used to, but I've started doing some wrist exercise. Last range trip, shooting one handed & with both strong hand & weak hand, no failures to feed through 53 rounds. Had two in the last 5 rounds, shooting with my weak hand, which I blamed on fatigue.

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    I hear you really have to work on your grip with this pistol to fire it properly. I have held them but never shot one. I'm sorry for all your trouble and hope she smooths out.
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    I put a hogue wraparound on mine and it made a huge difference.
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    Kel Tec makes cheap feeling, cheap looking, and somewhat "cheapish" guns. Generally they do function very well though in their designed purpose. I have a PF9 that hasn't ever failed me in any way, with any ammo, through 500+ rounds.

    My general advice to anyone who buys a $250 Kel-Tec would be:

    1) Run 100rds of 124gr FMJs through it (note: apply this to almost any new 9mm, especially the finicky variety). Clean, repeat. Then clean and repeat again if your results aren't yet outstanding. Then run the gamut of varying weights, JHP carry rounds, etc.

    2) If you're struggling to get through those first few boxes, give them a call and see about sending it in. Their customer service is by most accounts, outstanding.

    Unfortunately you may have had alterations done that conflict with the warranty. I hope that isn't the case. Either way, give them a call and look into sending it in. Mine isn't the sexiest gun, nor is it terribly fun to shoot...but it's carry freindly and runs like a champ.