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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by sweeper22, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I took my new PF9 out today to run several mags through it and get a feel for the thing. It's often mentioned that shooting micro guns such as these are akin to having a firecracker go off in your hand. All told, I ran about 10-12 mags though it (70-80 rounds).


    I started off shooting 115gr Federal Champion and moved on to 124gr RWS. The RWS is a nice round because it's pretty darn close to NATO 9mm and is a stout enough round that it really breaks in a brand new 9mm right. I found both rounds very shootable and accurate enough for what you'd expect from this gun. At 7-10yds I was often landing an inch or two high of POA, but could pretty easily keep the shots within about a 6" circle. I'm not yet capable of tightening the groups beyond that (this is my first subcompact experience).

    Then it was on to JHPs. I left the heavy stuff at home, as I can't see ever running anything too hot through this. I shot a mag of Hornady 115gr Critical Defense (standard pressure), which seemed pretty well in line with the FMJs as far as handling. Zero issues. Next up was a mag of Corbon 90gr +P High Velocity. Performance and cycling were fine, but quite snappy. The Critical Defense will be the go-to load here.

    At least ten magazines run though this thing with zero issues. Everything fed perfectly, and all but the +P were quite manageable. The trigger sucks, very long and very heavy. No other way to say it, but that's by design as this is exclusively a carry gun.

    Then I broke out the Sig P226 (nightstand gun) just to see how well my rail mounted laser/tac light was sighted in. Well, the group size dropped by about 50% and I felt like I just had stepped out of a Geo Metro and slipped behind the wheel of a Cadillac.

    PF9 first impressions:

    Performance: Accurate enough and zero failures.
    Function: Oustanding. Very concealable and just tame enough to be quite practical.
    Value: Again, outstanding. Kel-Tec understands their place in the market. A really good budget carry option.
    Recommend?: Absolutely, so long as you understand what you're getting. This is exclusively a carry gun. It's not a go-to home defender or extensive range shooter. It's a gun that allows you to have something available even when it's inconvenient to carry.
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    The PF9 has one of Kel Tec's better triggers. I had some reliability trouble with mine and went back to a P11. The P11 trigger makes the PF9 trigger look good. A finger hook on the mag helps a lot as well as some rubber on the grip. A piece of bicycle innertube works fine and is cheap. The current P11 has had no issues and my last one only had one misfire due to a bad primer in thousands of rounds. It ate anything you fed it and never hiccuped. Now the P3AT is really not pleasant to shoot. A finger hook on the Mag and rubber on the grip helps there too. It has the same trigger as the PF9. Keep in mind, the long trigger pull is your safety.
    Note: RWS is magnetic and not allowed on someindoor ranges.

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    That pretty much sums up my Pf9 experience. Mine is a little more accurate. I thought the trigger pretty good. You should squeeze off a few out of my NAA Guardian. Talk about power lifting for your booger hook!
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    I just had a friend send back his new Kel-Tec P-11 due to accuracy concerns, I can't wait to see if they do anything?
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    Nice gun, I dig it. Thanks for sharing your experience.