Kel Tec- P40 Conversion question!!!

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    Is there a member that would know were I may find the parts I need to convert this P40 to a 9mm? My problem is I live on a very fixed income and need to find something cheap as possable. Im in east Tn and cant find anything around here!!! Thanks for any help!!!
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    Keltec P40 for sale

    over on there is one for sale. It is currently $299.99. If you really want onr this would be the cheapest route. The P11 is a decent carry gun but not one you want to shoot a lot of. Having had a P11, I can only guess how it would be in .40 cal. Some times you come across "parts kits" on gunbroker or auction arms, but they go for a enough to make it unreasonable.
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  3. danf_fl

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    To convert any .40S&W to 9mm, you need as a minimum:
    New slide (and internal parts) as the breechfaces are not the same,
    New barrel,
    New magazine,
    New ejector (possibly)

    Bottom line, it would be easier and cheaper to trade someone or to sell the 40 and buy a 9mm.
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    You are asking the inverse of the usual question..most people are trying to find P40's or the 40S&W,357SIG conversions for their P11's.
    In the case that you are unaware,KEL-TEC had numerous problems with the P40 and discontinued it and the 40/357 conversion kits quite a while ago.and they now have a value above the original retail price.
    It might be useful for you to go to the KTOG.Org web site and find out a little about your P40,a lot has been written about the so called "fluff and buff "and you might get an offer for your gun.
    You might might also want to go on ARMSLIST trade/auction site and see if you can find a swap in your area.The last three P40's or kits that were listed were sold in a matter of hours.(I know because I tried to buy them)
    Last but not least if you are getting rid of your P40 because of fail to feed or eject and recoil sensitivity it might be as simple as switching to 135/155grn. loads.(shooting 180grn. loads in your P40 can actually be very dangerous;bullet setback KABOOM!!!)The recoil effect also abates rather dramatically with the lighter loads and things like a mag extension or 11 round 4006 Smith mags with an extender sleeve might cause you to rethink the handling of the gun,unless the main concern is cost of ammo. Good Luck with your problem.