Keeping 2 SD guns?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by thdrduck, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. thdrduck

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    I feel like I am in a bit of a quandary. I bought a Glock 17 and an Uncle Mikes holster for SD. I really enjoy shooting the Glock and am very impressed with the quality, however I found it uncomfortable to carry due to it's size. Soooo... I bought a Ruger SR9c and a Bianchi holster. Enjoy shooting the Ruger and along with the holster it is very easy to carry. Now the quandary: I never shoot the Glock anymore, just the Ruger. Switching back and forth seems difficult for me. If I shoot the Ruger it takes me at least a mag to get used to the Glock and the same the other way. So I figure that the only reason I carry is for SD and my life or that of others around me may depend on my weapon. So if I am going to shoot shouldn't I be shooting what I may one time depend on for saving my life? That seems to be where I am now and it just seems a shame to have this beautiful Glock just sitting in a drawer. I'm debating on taking it to the gun shop and trading it in on another long gun or maybe a pocket pistol like a Nano or LCP. I know I'll take it in the shorts, but as it is now it just seems like such a waste.:confused:
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    There is a very long list of folks who stared with Glock and find it difficult to transition to other pistols...most share your experience when transitioning back and forth between Glock and other brands.

    Non Glock folks like myself however experience very little difficulty transitioning with the brands/models we own.

    Why is this? Simple...just about every auto pistol ever made has followed John Brownings grip angle perfected on the model of 1911. ^^THIS^^ angle automatically aligns front and rear sight level with the shooters eye when holding the gun in a natural grip..."ergonomics".

    Glock deviated from this angle, making it steeper, forcing the shooter to angle there wrist down in order to align the sights. Why? I believe the notion was that a grip "locked" in this lower position would make follow up shots
    Faster by reducing muzzle flip.

    ^^THIS^^ could explain your difficulty transitioning between your Ruger and your Glock.

    Most GLOCKERS I know stick with Glock and own several models for different needs.

    Personally, I'd keep the Ruger and trade the Glock for something with a correct grip angle.


  3. Overkill0084

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    First of all..."Beautiful Glock?" Cool, nifty, durable, excellent... any number of positive adjectives have been used to describe them. Beautiful doesn't usually come up. ;)
    I'm a buy & hold type of gun owner, so I won't tell you to sell anything unless you really dislike it. Have you tried a Glock 26? The "feel" should be more familiar. Worth a look anyway.
  4. cakesterkiller

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    im a Glock guy and even I agree with everything tack said. i find it difficult to shoot anything but my Glocks well enough to be comfortable packing it around if i should ever need it. what ever ya decide to pack pick the one that's the most comfortable and effective for you.
  5. phildenton

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    Honestly, if you ever end up in a sd you dont wanna have issues with switching platforms. I recommend sticking with one.
  6. Axxe55

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    my suggestion would be this. if you really like the pistol, then keep it for HD use and maybe range use. if you are not really thrilled with it, then sell or trade it for something else that does.
  7. Doc3402

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    Since you have the Glock the very first thing I would do is try to find someone with a similar Glock but a different holster that you can borrow for a day or two. I have never had a comfortable holster from Uncle Mikes, and I find they are a far cry from the Bianchi you are using for your Ruger. It may not be the gun, but the holster that is causing the discomfort.

    If you find that it isn't the holster, I would try to trade the Glock on a good back-up gun that is similar in operation to the Ruger. If that doesn't appeal to you, trade the Ruger for a sub compact Glock.
  8. drvsafe

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    I would keep the Glock either way. It's a great HD and range gun.
  9. Fathead00

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    Like Doc said, find a comfortable holster. I carry a G35 in a N82 pro tactical IWB and love it! Both guns are great, but if you don't have a comfortable holster then you won't feel comfortable carrying it. Here's a pic of my G35 and holsters (N82 IWB and Blackhawk serpa OWB).

  10. -06

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    Went to a little 232 Sig 380 and parked the 45s. They are still very close. The Sig is double action with no separate safety. Almost as fast as a Glock but with a longer trigger pull and a half cock for safety. Just greatly bothers me to have a hammer cocked over a live round with only a trigger safety(Glock). Get some adrenalin flowing and a good way to shoot your leg/foot.
  11. BeyondTheBox

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    Every gun I own/keep I have for self-defense. Some I'd consider primary, others last resort. What's wrong with that?
  12. therewolf

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    I'm another "buy & keep" type, but many folks trade one gun for another.

    Just don't jam that Glock in your pants for CC, or you may blow

    your d!ck off...:D
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    It sure would suck to have a home invasion while you are in the crapper with your pistol by the bed or inbetween the couch cushions; put the glock in the bottom towel on the rack or something, JIC.

    I was taking a crap when the black suburban & SS showed up to pick up the other tenant...gotta love steel security doors. :D "yeah, takin a dump; out when i'm done"