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  1. NGIB

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    It's no secret that I buy/sell/trade LOTS of guns. With the economy as bad as it is there are just some fantastic deals out there and as a result I acquired more than I want or need. Over the past 6 months I've been trimming the collection and determining what my "keepers" are. I've never been able to decide on the merits of any gun by looking at them or holding them in a store - I need to own them for a while and shoot them. Slowly I've begun to decide on the guns I must keep and those that can go.

    At one time I had 9 1911s and after tomorrow I'll be down to 4 of them - each with a unique "skill set". Rimfire handguns have been a tough area for me but I've finally pared my set down to 2 of them - a S&W 617 and a Ruger Mark III Hunter (with all the lawyer crap removed). Ditto with .357 revolvers, I'm down to 2 of them as well a 3" S&W 686+ and a 2" Ruger SP101.

    So tell me folks, how do you decide what your keepers are?
  2. danf_fl

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    I look at what I did with them and how I obtained them.

    Some of my 1911's will never leave. My competition ones and the "specials" I have assembled.

    A .22 PPK/s and .38Spl S&W 15-2 belong to the wife (can't touch them).

    A Ruger M-77 from late brother's estate.

    The rest can come and go. (Look for a sale / trade offer coming up).

  3. DrumJunkie

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    I'm a lot the same. I have to use them and see how they work for me. Though when it comes to rimfires I tend to have a few around as they all while being able to hit a target well have more of an entertainment quality to them. Even with the 10-22 I have two. One is an AMT and while the same it is a little different and couldn't bare to let it go. I have a few 1911's but they all are different. Two I'll carry and the others I use for targets. Utility weapons I have a few that I rotate depending on season and what suits me best at that time. I do have one that I might let go but I'm not too sure yet. It's the only poly frame I have (Browning Pro-40). It has an external hammer though making it a little different than your "normal" Tupperware gun. It's very accurate but I could live without it. But we'll see I guess.
  4. Kain

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    Honestly, only the Ruger MKI that my grandfather gave me is "untouchable" for me. Everything else I have is for sale for the right price. I don't really believe too much in "investment" guns. Also I've found that some firearms that might feel great in the gun store may become less desirable after some time of ownership. I've purchased 7 firearms in the last year (give or take a few weeks) and I've sold 2, pending on a third. Perhaps as I begin to "graduate" into more high-end firearms will cause me to hold on to various pieces a bit longer but now I'm just getting a feel for as many different styles/calibers as possible.
  5. dunerunner

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    I'm still collecting, although slowly, and each one has a definitive purpose and are therefore keepers. There are those I inherited from my father that I will never trade or sell. Learned that lesson way too late.
  6. General_lee

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    Same here.
    I will definitely hang on the the guns my dad has given me.
    Plus I'm pretty happy with my own purchases so far.

    I did trade a Sigma for a Springer 1911, which I don't regret:D
  7. CA357

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    My old Sistema 1911 and my Eddystone.
  8. Trez

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    unless i get a insane deal, i only buy guns im gonna keep. (ex. traded a broken mossburg 500 and a .22 marlin rifle for a 1950's 870 wingmaster, didnt like it so i traded it for my M47 Medusa.) most of the guns ive inherited from my dad are keepers, but there are a couple i would like to get rid of. there just too old and ammo is no longer made, i want shooters!
  9. spittinfire

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    All of mine were aquired with a purpose in mind except for a couple and they're classics, S&W 19, 629-1 so it's harder to let go of them. My XD45 sees little use but it was my first pistol so I doubt I'll get rid of it. My kimber is my carry piece but definately fuels the desire for a full sized, all steel 1911. My SP101 is my wife's nightstand gun and everything else gets used to hunt one animal or anyother.....Start hunting, you'll find a use/need for nearly any gun.
  10. jca1

    jca1 New Member

    I want to have one semi auto handgun, one wheel gun, one shotty, one carbine and one hunter at all times. Long as that is covered everything else is for sale.

    Except for my late Cousin's .22 and .303 they never go.
  11. NGIB

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    Sold 2 yesterday and I'm trading a 3rd on Monday. I'm getting my collection down to the keepers slowly but surely. An example is 1911s, I'm down to 4 now and each has a specific purpose:

    Springer alloy Champion is carried in cold weather.

    Springer Mil-Spec is the host for the .460 Rowland.

    A ported Caspian/Foster hybrid is my 5" fun shooter.

    The Springer Longslide is my competition gun.
  12. Mark F

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    My keepers are the guns that I can't replace, all others are up for grabs.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    I admit i'm a die hard "hoss trader" by nature :eek:
    Nobody has ever "left" me a gun so no real sentimental value on any-
    My wife has her little Ruger SR9C she loves & has no desire to replace so it'll stay- Myself i'll keep a 1911, a good truck auto (9mm Makarov now) - a good 22 rifle, a good centerfire rifle & a good shotgun at all times - They are subject for a upgrade at any time the opertunity arises ;)
    The others are trading fodder ------------------