Kaine wants lawmakers to change Va.’s gun laws

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by opaww, May 24, 2007.

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    Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine said Tuesday he is hopeful the General Assembly will overcome its affection for firearms and adopt changes to the commonwealth’s gun and ammunition laws in response to the April 16 murders at Virginia Tech.

    In general, Kaine said, he is troubled that Virginia law allows any individual to stockpile ammunition with no way for authorities to monitor the cache. Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech gunman, began his rampage with 377 rounds of ammunition, according to police.

    I guess a stock pile of 377 rounds will make me a law breaker sense I have sometimes 2000 rounds to burn at the range for the weekend
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    I reckon Governor Kaine would fill his pants if he ever saw my "stockpile". Hell, I carry a few hundred rounds just in my gun bag every time I go to the range.

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    Blaming an ammunition stockpile for the VT murders is ludicrious. This is a typical knee-jerk reaction to a firearms incident that recieves such national attention. I wonder how anyone can "monitor" any person's cahce. I have freinds with collections...er...mini-armories that put some LE entities to shame, both in quantity and quality, with ammunition to match. Throw into the mix those individuals who reload, and how can one think that this can be accurately monitored and/or controlled?

    I imagine this idea will go south, and fast. There are two many variables to control. Not to mention the simple and honest fact that a criminal with ten rounds or a thousand rounds still poses the same threat, only to a different magnitude.

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    does that mean that Virginias gov is stupid and the people that voted him in
    are ???
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    HMMMM?? I don't live in Virginia and am not knowledgeable on this governor to say he is stupid and the people being stupid for voting him in. I might agree with him 99% of the time, but disagree on him on this issue. He might be counselled by faulty council or just doing what most politicians are good at; saying what people want to hear in the aftermath of a tragedy. They may be just as misinformed as he is about gun control. You can "credit" the news media with that!! :confused:

    The majority of our country elected Bill Clinton TWICE and he was extremely liberal, but not stupid!! And the people were not stupid either, they just were voting their wallet instead of their common sense. There have many people who voted for a person in one election and when he ran for reelection, they "unelected" him after his failures! That has happened several times over the years. Do you remember a fellow named Carter, who used to be President? Or the first Bush, as well. People are not stupid, but they can be "fickle"! Especially, when it comes to the wallet!! :cool: