Kahr CW9

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by mitchellt, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. mitchellt

    mitchellt New Member

    Found a Kahr CW9 for $380 (200 rounds used)

    dont know much about these.

    any input would be helpful
    thanks guys
  2. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    Nice carry guns as I have a P9 (upscale CW9). They're a bit finicky until well broken in (Kahr recommends 200 rounds I believe) and they're quite accurate.

    One big drawback is Kahr mags (and the CW series only comes with 1) are pretty expensive...
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  3. mbpike

    mbpike New Member

    my brother in law bought a cw40 and he likes it. I have shot it a few times and it shoots great and feels good. I'm a big glock fan but I think that if I ever stop caring my air weight .38 special I would probably go with a kahr.
  4. Texanbybirth

    Texanbybirth New Member

    The recommended break in is 200 rounds. I put about 300 rounds through mine. The slide locked back prematurely at about 220 rounds one time. I don't know if it was a magazine issue or a gun issue. It didn't happen any more. I'll need more practice to become more accurate with it. The inaccuracy was all my fault though. I'm too used to a larger, heavier pistol. Other than the slide issue, it was flawless. I'm hoping to take it to the range again this weekend.
  5. slwarren

    slwarren New Member

    That's not a bad price for a used Kahr. I have a CW40, and really like it so far. I've got about 300 rounds through mine now and finally got all the problems worked out. you have to break them in, and then they seem to work fine. It's a great carry gun, very thin. It takes some time to get use to the double action trigger on the gun, but after that it's a fine gun!
  6. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    Kahr trigger compared to Glock

    I've got a Glock 19 and I love the trigger...long take back, then a very short draw for the actual shot. After BANG, I can simply release the trigger a 1/4-inch and it resets, ready for the next BANG.

    Does the Kahr trigger work this way? Or do you need to completely reset for each shot like the Ruger LCP?

    Basically, do you have to pull the trigger fully for each shot?
  7. UnderFire

    UnderFire New Member

    I own two Kahr products (CW40 & P380) and both work flawless for me.
    My CW40 was finicky for the first 50 rounds that ran through it, but after the suggested "break-in" period, I have not had any malfunctions. My P380 has worked flawless since the beginning.

    The Kahr users I know all went to the brand for some simple reasons:
    compactness,reliable,ease of use & durability. When it comes to a compact 9mm, .40, .45, it's hard to beat a Kahr firearm. The ease of use is simple: they are all DAO (Double-Action only). All the Kahrs I've seen have worked flawlessly, for me and other owners.

    380 bucks for a used 9mm Kahr seems like a good buy in my book.
    You could always ask the seller if they are able to come down on the price
    for even more of a savings on your part. ;)
  8. Agent_H

    Agent_H New Member

    I personally carry a Kahr K9 and love it. fist full of steel. Looked at the CW9 also but like the heft of the K9 a bit more. More than one person I know carries a CW9 and they love them.
  9. greenjeans

    greenjeans New Member

    I have the CW9 and CW45. Extremely pleased with both and no problems with either. Would not hesitate to buy another.