Kahr CW9 Kel-tec P11 Comparison?

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    OK, I am thrifty, but I am not so cheap that I want to risk my like on an inferior weapon, but neither do I want to spend frivolously for a primary carry gun. I have pretty much decided that my Ruger P95 and Colt King Cobra .357 magnum 2.5" are too thick (the Ruger) or too heavy (the Colt!) to be my primary CW, especially in the summer. The two guns I am looking at are DAO, light and concealable. The Kel-tec P11 has more capacity (double stack magazine) and is an inch thick and only 5.6 long (I found the PF9 grip too thin to get a good grip). The Kahr is a bit longer, but thinner, even so I can get a good grip on it. The more expensive Kahrs have a good rep, this one, the reviews seems more "mixed," the Kel-tec seems to be well regarded in its price range, but at $100-150 less than the Kahr, do you get what you pay for? Has any one done a side by side comparison on these? I'd appreciate your informed insights and thoughts.
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    I don't have any experience with Kahr, but I know people that own the P11 and I have shot them myself. Keltec makes good stuff, I love my little P32.

    Youtube is a good source of information, there are a bunch of guys on there that do video gun reviews. Two youtube channels to check out would be Sootch00, and Hickok45.

    Again, I have no experience with Kahr whatsoever, but I can tell you that keltec makes good guns for the price.

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    I've read a lot of web comments regarding the CW9... To me - taken as a whole - they're overwhelmingly positive. I have the CW9 and CW45 and they've both been great performers. I've got nothing against the P11 for those on a tight budget... It has a decent reputation for reliability. CW9 is classier and, as you said, thinner... with great balance. If you're going to do a lot of range shooting with it, the Kahr is built better for that. Otherwise... your preference.
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    My 1st P11 had thousands of rounds through it and the only malfunction was a bad primer on a factory load. Thousands of reloads and many different types and brands. Sadly I traded for a PF9. I put about 400 rounds through it with many malfunctions and dumped it for another P11. This one has had about 500 rounds through it and has not malfunctioned. About 21 oz loaded. The mag finger extension makes a big difference This one was near new and I picked it up with 2 mags with extensions for $200.