Kahr cw series for concealed carry

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  1. SigArmored

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    Just looking for some personal insight on the cw Kahr series as far as shootability in all three calibers size for carry and availability of parts and accessories.
  2. hardluk1

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    Hard to say how well they work for some shooters. We all know ever company does make a few turds today but many problems with kahr pistols come from ammo followed by owners do to the weight and recoil from the smaller models. At least thats my view of it.

    I bought my first kahr , a CW9 from a very distruntled owner. I was told at the range it was very unreliable. He said he was gona dump it. I bought it for 250 bucks. Cleaned and lubed and with an ammo I know to work well it has been 100% reliable. Liked it enought to order a CM9 . CC'd them now for a few years now. I just bought a new TP40 and it is the best of the bunch but only have about 150 rounds fired. My older kahrs have a total of close to 2200 rounds fired and zero issues.

    They do have heavy enough recoil springs in them that can take a 100 rounds or more to soften enought before some can rack them well enought to sling shot. 115gr ammo when new may not have enought energy to work the slide well . After a couple hundred rounds have been fired they tend to shoot most anything. There are aftermarket sight avalible from night sites to fiber optic if needed. And mags come only thru kahr but I read that in the 45 cal models 1911 mags work?? I do use some old bicycle innertube on the grips to help with control. And last , don't expect to go to the range and shoot 200 rounds at a setting . Even the cw9 can wear on you. but so will a nano or sheild and like sized pistols.

    A son-in-law owns one of the newest versions from SCCY , there cpx-2 . It very different from there first turd , the cpx-1 and seems to be a very good light weight pistol for a defence pistol. Better finish than the p-11 it was copied from. Both can use a s&w 15 round model 59 mag for back up . All 250 bucksfor 10 round double stack 15oz pistol.

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    The triggers are died smooth at right around 6lb pull weight but with a no stacking like revolvers tend to have so trigger pull does need to be learned and can take a bit longer for people that have no experience with da trigger pulls. There not range /target pistols atleast with the smaller models but make great defence pistols.

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    Kahr has a very high return rate. The repair service is poor at best. UPS carried the .380 Kahr more than I did. I finally traded the Kahr for a .380 PPKS Walther. The best way to correct your Kahr is to replace it.:(
  4. 95sniper

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    Allot of people like their kahrs. My dads is flawless.
  5. rockratt

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    I looked at them but in the end just wasn't impressed and didn't like the trigger pull. Ended up going with an XDS and glad I did.
  6. Sniper03

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    I have a Kahr P-380 and it runs flawlessly. The only issue is when cycling the Slide by hand it does not like to load certain rounds like the Federal Hydra Shok HPs. But if I lock the slide back and release the Slide Lock it will chamber flawlessly every time. And never malfunctions even with the Federals. I am presently carrying Hornady Critical Defense rounds in it. They will chamber easily by operating the slide by hand or locking the slide back and releasing the slide stop. Even though it is not my caliber of choice it is better than having a larger pistol in my glove box of my truck when wearing light clothing in the summer month. I will have a 45 or 40 on me in cooler weather with more clothing and easier to hide. But this little Kahr is reliable! I was advised here on the FTF when you first buy a Kahr you must clean and lube it well when you get it. Because they do not clean it from the factory after test firing. I did as instructed an have never had any problems other than with the administrative loading as mentioned with the Hydra-Shoks.


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