Kahr CW-45 (maybe)

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by 12fretter, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. 12fretter

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    I think this was the model of a gun my friend bought, thinking this would be his carry weapon. We went shooting yesterday with it, along with several others. Here are my thoughts, and remember, this is just one man's opinion:

    Wow. This is the worst shooting gun of all (my) time. I noticed three problems with me and it:

    1. The weight of the gun in that caliber makes for an incredibly hard to control recoil. And it's top heavy, whether there is a full clip in it or not.

    2. The grip is narrow, at least for me. It made it even harder to control, and I found myself really holding on tight to a small grip trying to minimize the kick, which made me cramp up.

    3. The worst part, but the most easily fixed I suppose, is the grip is incredibly painful. Physically painful. It hurt a lot to shoot this gun. the diamond pattern is so pointy and aggressive that it cuts into my pinky and ring fingers, almost to the point of tearing skin. You couldn't fire more than two or three times in a row without giving your hands a break to recover.

    He felt the same way, and is going to sell it after one day. Has anyone else had any experience with this model? I didn't mean to dump on the weapon or offend anyone who may like theirs. Like I said, this is just my opinion on how my hands reacted to this model.
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    I looked into them just because I like the design and love the caliber. Because of the size and weight I picked up an m&p 45c and never looked back. To me it is like a 357 snubby. Some can control it and love it, others not so much. I decided to give up some size and weight for a gun I can control and a few extra rounds.

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    I gave up on that option when I looked at one at my lgs.When the owner handed it to me I couldn't get it to unlock when I handed it back it took him and another salesman 5min to do so.After talking about the event for a while another salesman told us all a story about the same thing happening. He also told us that when he took the gun apart to get at the heart of the matter a bunch of polymer shavings fell out.All this kinda put me off to the idea of that particular series pistol.