kahr cw.45 acp

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    I recently purchased one of these pistols I am very impressed by this make and model anyone have any experience with these are there anything I need to look for about this gun its a kahr cw45
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    Might go over to KahrTalk and ask there. I can't help with kahr 45 as mine are 9MM .

    I can say to aid grip and control stop buy a bicycle shop and get a free used up inner tube. Put 1 to 4 piece on your grip . I stack several thin to wide. Really helps with new pistol grip & brake in with many small lighter pistols. Many will buy from hogue or pachmyer to add on . Inner tube is cheaper!!

    The only things that tends to make new owners worry is the frame rails that are so typical to other pistols are really only for us kahr newbes to aid getting the slide on and made from plastic. You will or should see a bit of plastic saved off over the first few 100 rounds,maybe. Then it stops. The front of the slide rides on the 2 small metal pieces down by the recoil springs and the two small metal inserts at the rear of the frame. Enjoy and remember most small handguns can be picky about bullet type so ask what others 45 kahrs like. Mine shoots gold dots great and any cheap stuff for pratice.

    Check out Comp-Tac for holster if needed. I have used there Minotaur Neutral for the past year and find they are a step or two above most out there.
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