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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by rdk45, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. rdk45

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    Im highly considering getting a kahr cm9 or a kahr cw45 or both. I know they are two completly different guns but neither is really a necessity I would just be adding to my arsenol or upgrading a carry piece. What can you guys tell me about either gun? Experience? I have done alot of research on these and I love how they fit my hand.
  2. Alchemist

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    I have CW45 w/CT and CW9... Both have been accurate and reliable from day one. I've read good things about the CM9... It'll be a big seller IMHO as it's an obvious choice as a new CCWer's first gun... as well as older CCWer's who bought an LCP decide they're ready for a 9mm now.

  3. Polygon

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    I can't comment on the CW45 as I've never even handled one. However, I carry a PM9 every day. The PM9 is the same gun as the CM9. The difference is that the CM9 is a budget version of the PM9.

    It doesn't have the fancy rifling, comes with only one magazine, and the engraving on the slide isn't as fancy either. Besides those facts they are the same gun. I love my PM9 and it's been a great gun. I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone for a carry gun. As such the CM9 should fit just as well.
  4. orangello

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    There is some guy selling a CW9 with two mags for $350 on TFL. It is taking all i have not to go after that lil beauty.