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I have the handgun listed in the title and would like to know if others have owned this model and what your experiences have been.

I will start off by saying I am new to handguns, but have used shotguns and rifles. I won this handgun in a raffle and it was the one that got me started with handguns.

I am hooked on shooting and find it a great activity that the wife and daughter also enjoy. I love shooting the 45 but this particular one has been nothing but problems since I first got it and really not sure if I should just sell it and get another or spend the money to have it looked at and fixed.

My history with this gun. After I first got it the front site flew off and had to be replaced after maybe 100 rounds. I took it back to the store I got it form and they said they would fix it, but after waiting 4 weeks and the store still hadnt received a replacement site from Kahr, I went on line and ordered the site myself, got it in 5 days, and had the store's gunsmith put it on. Still not sure if the store was BS'ing me or if they just never got around to ordering it.

After replacing the site and maybe another 100 or so rounds it jammed so tight I had to take it in again to get unjammed. Different Gunsmith told be it was the slide release lever and that I must have push it partially out with my trigger hand. I dont have my fingers of my trigger hand anywhere near it so the thin moves on its own. Along with these 2 issues the darn thing fails to load and eject properly, I am lucky if I get through 1 out of 10 mags without a number of FTEs or FTLs per mag. When loading it jams the round part ways into the barrel and gets stuck there. Sometimes I can push the slide forward to close, other times I have to work the slide, take the mag out and get the half chambered round out. This has happened with a number of different types and makes of 45 ammo. After messing with it again today I am just getting fed up with it.

Should also mention I have broken it down a couple a couple of times and gave it a good cleaning.

Did I just get stuck with a lemon of a handgun?


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The comes a time when one has to say "Enough"!

What does Kahr say? Try to get with Customer Service and explain the details. Keep any and all receipts you have for repairs made and provide a copy when sending the gun back.

You should give the manufacturer a chance to fix it first.
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