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    The Kabar 1207 was one of the first knives I can recall as a teenager hunting with my Dad. I had a couple before the Kabar, this one has been with me for 30 years. Recenly I was looking at knives on a online auction and found a NIB 1207 made in the USA. I was excited and bought the knife. The knife arrived and is as described except for one issue, it smells:mad: It has a musty smell but the leather handle is in great condition. I put the knife in a bag with baking soda for a few days but still have the musty smell.

    Any suggestions on how to kill the smell? I want to give to knife to my Dad as a farthers day gift to thank him for teaching me so much in life but not going to hand him a stinky knife.
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    Can't help with the smell, but I have a 1207 that I got from a guy who carried it through his tour in Vietnam.

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    Try putting it in a kitchen trash bag with quite a bit of crumpled newspaper and leave it for a few days. If it is still there, leave it for a few more days. That should work. A leather cleaner may work also.
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    Saddle soap or Bag Balm should contain the funk, + will help keep it looking good. May darken it a shade. If that worries you, try coffee grounds in a ziplock.
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