K98K Mauser loose open bolt?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by coltericksen, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Yes I am new to bolt actions, blogs, and forums, but the mauser I bought from Mitchells is very nice, shiny bore, the action locks up tight, no rattles, everything seems to be just right, and it is 77 years old! Very few nicks and scratches, but that gives the peice its own character, and I bought it as a shooter, not a looker.
    My question is to all of you bolt action guys and gals out there is should the bolt move left right , up and down when the bolt is open? When closed it locks up like a vault. Should I worry, take it to a smith, junk it, sell it, or enjoy it like I plan to, as I put the iron sights to that "12 point majestic forest king", and squeeze one off??? Any and all information, comments, replies, are greatly appreciated, and the snide comments from any of you Mitchells haters out there will be taken into account, weighed out, thought upon, and pondered. GOD bless you all and America !!!
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    Don't worry if it "locks up lika a vault". It's designed that way.