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    Hi, this is probably going to sound a bit odd, but i'm planning to write a story just for fun (probably featuring zombies) and i just wanted the gun combat in it to be as realistic as possible. These questions are probably pretty tedious, so sorry bout that. And i know next to nothing about firearms as well.
    1) How often go handguns, sub-machine guns, shotguns and rifles jam?
    2) What sort of maintenance would be done beforehand to ensure a gun is in good condition; such as cleaning the barrel and stuff.
    3) Just in general (not necessarily against zombies :) ) how effetive is a handgun compared to say a rifle, shotgun or sub-machine gun in terms of accuracy and power?
    4) Do people often actually carry seperate catridges only or keep only a few catridges and spare bullets?
    5) What other problems might occur in a combat situation, even for people trained with guns.
    Sorry bout the exhaustive list :confused: , thanks.
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    1.) That really depends on ammo, gun model, and how well the gun is maintained.

    2.) Field stripping and cleaning.

    3.) Rifles are the most powerful and accurate. Submachine guns use handgun ammunition and are less accurate because of high rate of fire and muzzle climb, handguns however are more accurate because one trigger pull per shot.

    4.)That depends on the person. I can't legally carry in WI so I can't answer for myself. I'm thinking when you say cartridge you mean a magazine? A bullet is only one part of the round as well, there is the casing which holds the propellant, the primer which ignites the propellant and the bullet which is propelled.

    5.) There really isn't much that would happen if the gun owner took care of his weapon. Jams can happen to anyone though.

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    Cool thanks. Yeah soz about using the wrong term. Yeah magazine instead of catridge.
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    1.) If maintained right a quality pistol will almost never jam. Submachine guns and rifles might jam one out of every 250 to 1000 rounds. The same proves true for autoloading shotguns. Pump shotguns need to be super FUBAR in order to jam.
    2.) Guns generally get wiped down with a rag, barrels get swabbed and actions get oiled
    3.) Handguns are accurate, but they are generally used only to "get you back to your long gun." They're generally used in the event that your primary weapon malfunctions or runs out of ammo. Another use for them is in close quarters, where the rifle may become unwieldy. Submachine guns are generally used a little farther out than pistols, but have the same lethality as they run the same ammo. Shotguns are extremely lethal at very close distances, while rifles are useful for everything.
    5.) The most common malfunction that will be encountered in combat is misfeeds. I've had MP5s, M4s, M16s, M249s, M60s and M240Bs all misfeed. The training teaches you to effectively deal with the misfeed, rather than avoid it.
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    Zombie book

    If I were fighting my way through a Zombie infested area I would:
    1. Carry a rifle, semi auto, good accuracy, reliable. I would need to shoot one well placed head shot per zombie with the ability to quickly engage other zombies.
    2. Carry numerous spare magazines, as many as I could comfortably hump around (at least 10).
    3. Choose an appropriate caliber. .22 lr might not be good enough, 5.56mm/.223 would be a good choice, 7.62 X 39 would also be a good choice except the accuracy in most AK rifles MIGHT not be up to the task, 7.62 X 51/.308 would likely be overkill. Ammo is heavier, limiting the amount I could carry.
    4. Carry a handgun in an appropriate caliber. Accuracy would be a concern but it would be a close quarters gun if being overrun or in case of a rifle malfunction. 9mm would suffice. High capacity, good accuracy and enough ability to evacuate a cranium. Once again, .22lr may not be sufficient and .45 is overkill for head shots and has limited capacity.
    5. Carry several spare pistol magazines (2-5).

    I would need to be able to clean each weapon during down time. A GI cleaning kit or an Otis kit and kaboodle gun cleaning kit would work.

    Weapon choice? AR-15 carbine, 16" barrel, 30 round mags or for big cool points C-mags (100 rd double drums), quality 9mm semi-auto w/13-18 rd capacity.

    Good luck with the writing.
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    All good points on the weapons.

    For general statistics against Humans, not Zombies, pistols calibers and confrontations have a general survival rate of 85%. Rifle shootings survival rate is 40%. I got these from a combat course.

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    1. Quality firearms, clean and in good repair, with quality ammo, never jam.

    2. Routine cleaning, whether needed or not, will keep a quality firearm running.

    3. Handguns are not as effective as most rifles. Shotguns, depending on how they are used and ammo selected, can be the most devistating weapon, at relatively close range. Sub machine guns fire pistol ammo, several shots in a quick succession.

    4, There is a difference between bullets, shells, cartridges and magazines. Cartridges are made up of bullets, casings (shells), powder and primer. Each cartridge is commonly referred to as a "round." Cartridges are placed into a spring-loaded magazine (commonly mistakenly called a clip). The magazine is then placed into the weapon, to feed the ammo into the weapon. Some older guns do allow use of a clip, such as the WW2 M-1 Garand.

    There are two basic designs of handguns, pistols and revolvers. Pistols have a "slide" which moves back-and-forth when you shoot it. Revolvers have a revolving cylinder which positions the cartridges for discharge. Older style cowboy handguns are examples of revolvers.

    Most serious folks who carry guns for self defense, also carry spare ammo.

    5. Anything can go wrong in combat, whether military, or self defense.

    May I suggest you enroll in a basic firearms training class?
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    Cool thanks for the help everyone. I hope i can write something that doesn't play out like a b-grade movie :p . Thanks
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    9mm against zombies?

    A 9mm is barely adequate to disable a meth or PCP powered human; much less a full-fledged zombie. I'd suggest either .45 Super or 10mm Auto in a double-stack mag frame (14-16 rds) ParaOrdnance semi-auto pistol. I wouldn't use a rifle either, unless I were target shooting from a safe distance. If you are, then a nice varmint rifle in .17 Remington or .204 Ruger, (or if you are nostalgic the old .220 Swift), would give explosive head shots. If it's close quarters, the old Thompson machine gun using the same 10MM Auto or .45 Super ammo as the pistol in a couple (plus one on the weapon) 100 rd drum magazines should get you out of danger.

    Personally, I'd just avoid them altogether. hahahaha