Just what did I forget?

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    Ok so you have basically outfitted yourself with everything in the world you will need for survival in a SHTF situation. You even managed to buy an acre of land nestled away in the hills within 100 yards of a small river that no one ever goes to, to fish. Adding a small trailer to the property and a shed. You have set up everything you might need there.

    You know your route, alternate route, and alternate alternate route to get to your survival retreat. You have run simulations heading there using all 3 routes and even stored a few supplies along the path that is most likely the way you will take.

    At home you have your bugout bags ready, weapons and ammo standing tall waiting for the word. But back in you’re mind you keep feeling that you have forgot something, but you cannot place just what it is so you unpack bags and repack them checking off everything on the list. This still does not ease your mind as to just what you forgot.

    You watch and wait for a sign that it is time to head to the hills, and it comes just as you thought it would. So grabbing your bugout bags and weapons/ammo you jump in your truck and head out. Arriving at your safe heaven without an incident. No one knows your there and it is highly doubtful that they will expend the efforts to come looking for people way out in the middle of no where’s vile.

    Three months into the SHTF you are doing extremely well everything is going good for you, when you are down by the river fishing one day suddenly it hits you like a ton of bricks just what you forgot. It would seem you forgot emergency care for dental needs.

    Now that your tooth is killing you from the Abscess that you did not notice coming on. You wander just what you have to treat it with?

    Basically this little exercise is to remind everyone to not forget your teeth. If you develop tooth and/or gun problems while you’re in the SHTF situation and are not prepared for it you got some real problems. This alone can take you out of action and in extreme circumstances can even result in death.

    Take care of your teeth and gums today to help prevent future problems, but don’t forget to prepare for this happening when you don’t need it to.

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    That is a real interesting thought Opaww. You can also get some dental stuff like filling repair and gum numbing stuff etc, and include it with your BOB or even have it in your first aid kit.


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    and the bob gets bigger... great thinking man...