Just watched Endeavor lift off...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by DarrylS, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. DarrylS

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    ...Just watched the Space Shuttle Endeavor lift off from Cape Canaveral...what a sight. I've been here in Florida 8 years and have seen several launches since I got down here and they never get old to me...The best part is that I'm totally across the state on the west coast and the shuttle still lights up the night sky...Hudson, Florida...165 miles away and it still looks fantastic...:)

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    I gotta admit it. Watching the rocketcam that is installed on the shuttle always makes me "nerd out" a little. Something about seeing a view from the shuttle while it's reaching speeds of over 15,000 mph is just cool.

  3. ravenwolf

    ravenwolf New Member

    Every time i see a launch im still filled with awe,and a little teary eyed. the crap we mere humans can do when we put all the bs behind us is incredible.
  4. Benning Boy

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    I am too old, I remember when a launch into space was a big deal. Every red-blooded boy wanted to be an astronaut, and the news coverage was non stop.

    Now most people are unaware that we even have a craft up there at any given time.
  5. slammer

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    One of my lives dreams is to be witness to the launch of a spacecraft.
    A few years back I had the chance, on my way back from south america our flight route would have had us in the air over the cape at ignition time.
    I had made sure that my seat was at the window, not over a wing and on the starboard side of the plane. Our pilot had announced the launch and patched the NASA flight com through the aircrafts intercom system.
    In the cabin the atmosphere was electric, everybody was at go baby go, go, GO!
    At T- something or other the countdown was stopped and the start delayed.
    We landed in Chicago a few hours later.
  6. Glockmaniac

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    back in the years,i've got the chance to see in person one of the last appollo launch from coco beach on the opposite side of the mexican/sea gulf. .

    i also got the chance to visit the cap canaveral museum,and all their differents shuttle/rockets from the past like their mercury stuffs, saturn V rockets, polaris lancers, and old technologies of the past.

    i have lots of respect for the space program and i cant wait to see america going further and deeper in the space program.

    cant wait to see the new generation of shuttle we are currently working on...god bless the space program.

    it,s probably the best thing in the humanity history, so i wish it will go forward with faster R&D.