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Just picked up a new Pistol...

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I just picked up a Jimenez Arms-JA .380. Anybody know anything about these-Good or bad???
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No personal knowledge, but it's considered to be a cheap "Saturday Night Special." Doesn't mean it won't work though.
Jimenez was the manager at the now defunct Bryco plant. He bought the company out of bankruptcy and moved it to Nevada after they were all but kicked out of the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. They build "cheap" guns, plain and simple. Certainly nothing wrong with an inexpensive firearm, but a "cheap" gun is something I would never risk the safety of my family or myself on. For a plinker, I suspect it will go bang when you pull the trigger, but don't expect much more than that. Inferior parts and metals are the reason they are priced so "reasonably";)

Not looking to use as a home-defense gun, got the 'ol shotgun for that just wanted something to play with... Did not hava handgun-wanted a cheap one just to see if i would like it...
I just picked up a Jimenez Arms-JA .380. Anybody know anything about these-Good or bad???
These make great little "throwdown" pieces :D
Just wear your ACH and ballistic glasses when you shoot it. May get as much metal coming back at you as going down range.

Just kidding, I don't know anything about them. That doesn't mean it isn't good, but.....:eek:
If you're just looking for a plinker try a Heritage Rough Rider in .22, or maybe a Henry.

I have a Jimenez arms 380 and have had problems with the bullets jamming after its fired,its ejects the casing fine but its seems there is too much spring pressure in the clips forcing the bullets under the one thats being loaded into the chamber to jump up and get caught in the ramp.I cut a small bit of spring off to see if it helps. I sent it back to the manufacture and i think thats what they done as one of the clips seems like its easier to load the bullets in as the clip has less spring pressure.the gun is accurate at about 20 feet or closer. any further you may as well be using a sling shot.these guns cannot shoot PLUS-P ammo_Only 95 grain copper jacketed fmj american made ammo.
Just picked up a new handgun

Hello all


Jiminez, Like the companies it decended from Bryco and Jenning, do work, but are very ammo sensitive and you might need to try a few different FMJ rounds to see what your new pistol works with? I'd aviod any HP's and Flat Point ammo, as most of these guns were really made for FMJ and work best with them? A good cleaning and try of a few different mags is alwaysd a good idea as well! Lastly, a through exam of tht guns feed ramp, barrel and all to see if any machine marks or burs or other defects might be stopping it from reliable functioning? All good idea's to try, before ya throw in the towel!
shoot the heck out of it and dont worry bout it, good or bad it dont matter, if ya like it and have fun with it thats all that counts,if it goes bad then ya know next time
Jimenez Arms 380

I took my JA- 380 out(with different ammo) along with my 40 cal I just got and I wanted to see if the 380 would start acting right,BUT of course it began jamming after I shot the 2nd round,it wasn't as bad as last time,this time I just had to pull back the slide and push it forward to get the round in the barrel,but it is a real pain as I spent $25 sending it back to Jimenez(they had it for 20 days) as I wonder if they done anything to it at all,as they said it was the clip that was causing the problems,so why did I get the same clips back and not NEW one's.???.I am going to call them and ask them to send me 2 new clips(like they should have before),(These clips cannot be found at local gun shops)if they don't I will be DONE with Jimenez products.At least my 40 cal. I got fired like a dream,but it also cost me 3 times as much as the JA-380 did,but it was worth it as now I have a REAL gun.
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never heard of them :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I've heard the name a time or two. Other then that I know nothing.
Kind of on the low end of the pistol spectrum but if it shoots, enjoy. :) I used to have a couple of Ravens in .25 ACP a long time ago. They were $59 each but fired everytime I pulled the trigger. Wish I still had them. Lots of cheap fun there.
I just picked up a Jiminez J-22A at the gun show today. It was $99 for a new one and it came with two 6 round magazines. It is very light weight and has a manual safety. It can also handle stingers. I like it much better than the other cheap gun I had, a Phoenix Arms .22.

I ran three magazines through it today. I had to bump the slide twice because it did not cycle the next round properly. Maybe it will get better once it is broken in. In any event it is something I can leave in my car and not worry too much about it being stolen.
Good Jimenez info

I found this very helpful. Most everything you need to know.
I went through and cleaned the gun up as outlined on the website. It makes a huge difference.

That coupled with clipping about a quarter to half inch off each magazine spring.

It is a good gun, you just have to finish everything the manufacturer did not. You also have to go into it realizing that this is a gun you just paid $100 for.
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