Just ordered my first High Noon holster

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by feedsasquatch, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. feedsasquatch

    feedsasquatch New Member

    Just ordered a High Noon OWB holster for my 1911 (Colt Combat Commander). I got the Skin Guard.

    It will be my first OWB holster for my 1911. I primarily carry in a Crossbreed IWB, but I'm wanting an OWB holster since it will be winter soon. Hopefully I'll like it. I thought about getting the Slide Guard, but I didn't feel like spending $90 on another holster.

    Anyone else here use High Noon holsters for their 1911's?
  2. jetgirl

    jetgirl New Member

    I have their Hidden Ally and loved it for what I carried in it (still carry it occasionally)...
    But I ordered the Skin Guard and sent it back.
    It wasn't as formed as it looks in the pic. In fact, it came flat as a pancake. I had to stick a butter knife in it to pry open the top of the sleeve and sort of "peel" it open to put the gun in. There's no reholstering without a LOT of fussing and fiddling.
    It also doesn't feel as much like leather as they'd have you believe.
    That's my two cents anyhow. YMMV. Good luck.