Just Love these guys

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by jpattersonnh, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. locutus

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    I've spent several thousands of dollars at jg over the years. Always had good service.

    Glad to see them stand up for us.

  2. Txhillbilly

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    The only part that I don't agree with them is at the bottom of the message-
    * Except for Federal Government or Military*
    IMO,It doesn't do a damn bit of good for these companies to stand up to the State,County,City governments,but still serve the Fed's.They are the asshat's that started this whole thing to begin with.

    We really need to start a petition for every ammo/powder/primer/gun/parts mfg. to stop delivering anything related to firearms to any part of the government agencies.
    If everyone would boycott the entire government of firearms related goods,it wouldn't take long to get their attention.

    When they get the feeling that they can't protect themselves from the industries and citizens that they are trying to control,then we will get the upper hand on their decision making about the 2nd Amendment.
  3. HockaLouis

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    Whitehouse Strongarming State Legislators!

    All politics is local they say. J&G is a good team.

    On a related point about this and the Feds, did you hear the Hussein Obama adminiostration was calling Colorado State elected officials and threatening them to pass the anti-gun bill there? They got eight to change their votes and it passed?!