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    I'm trying to put values on all my firearms so whoever has to deal with them when I'm gone will have some idea what they are worth. I'm using the 23rd edition of the Standard Catalog of Firearms and the 6th edition of the Standard Catalog of Military Firearms to set the values but some guns just don't really fit. I bought this gun at a gun show several years ago and the guy I got it from knew no history on it. Its obviously a 1903 Springfield set up for target shooting. Its marked "U.S. Springfield Armory model 1903 1520XXX on the receiver bridge. Behind the front sight the barrel is marked R.I.A above the flaming bomb (or flaming piss pot as we used to call it" with 1-19 below that. The stock is marked "SA SPG" on the left side below the rear sight. The rear sight is marked "Vaver Corp". The front sight is marked "Lyman 77". Trigger pull measures 2.75 lbs. According to the Serial number it was manufactured in 1938 or at least the reciever was and is probably a 1903A1. If anyone has any opinions or comments I would love to hear them.

    Oh and that last guy was on my side porch last week. Thought it was pretty cool.

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    Is there a star stamped on the muzzle? How many lands and grooves?

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    If you ever consider getting rid of it, I might be able to come up with a couple of bucks from the change jar..... :)

    Seriously, with the stuff you have there, I would check this site out. They have a forum that could be of more help than me. Could it be part of the "unmatched National Match"?
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    Star gauged barrels

    I don't see a star anywhere on the barrel though I haven't pulled the handguard off to see if anything is under it. The barrel has 4 lands and grooves.
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    Good idea.

    Thanks. I'll do just that.
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    Yeah.....I see that wise guy!