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Just looking for info about a couple of old rifles.

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Hi there, I was searching the net for some info about two rifles we found in my grand fathers basement. I'm wondering the history and the value to determine if I should have insurance on them and just some common knowledge about the rifles.

If I posted the numbers that are stamped on the rifles or posted pictures of them, could anyone give me a ball park on how old they are, where they camer from and the estimated value?

One is a Lakefield .22 caliber and the other has "US Property" stamped on it, is a 303 and has a tiny coat of arms stamped on it.

Would I be able to post pictures of them to gather info or is that not allowed?


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The .303 is a Lee Enfield No4 MK1 That has been sporterized.

EDIT: The US property stamp means it was made by savage arms and was supplied to the UK under the Lend-Lease program during WWII.
Sporterized? I assume it means modified, can you expand on that please?
It has a sporterized stock here is a non-sporterized Enfield:
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Thanks. Why would someone do that? Lighter? Easier to shoot?
Yep, making it more of a sporting rifle instead of a battle rifle. Oh and the last picture you posted with the number "90C2418" stamped on it if I remember correctly means it was the 902,418th Enfield produced by Savage.
I'm not really sure what sporterized Enfields are going for these days. As was mentioned before it ruins the collectors value. I would browse around sites like and see what you can pull up for comparison.
The thing that gets to me is that there are plenty of sporterized Enfields out there, yet people keep converting them.
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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