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Just looking for info about a couple of old rifles.

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Hi there, I was searching the net for some info about two rifles we found in my grand fathers basement. I'm wondering the history and the value to determine if I should have insurance on them and just some common knowledge about the rifles.

If I posted the numbers that are stamped on the rifles or posted pictures of them, could anyone give me a ball park on how old they are, where they camer from and the estimated value?

One is a Lakefield .22 caliber and the other has "US Property" stamped on it, is a 303 and has a tiny coat of arms stamped on it.

Would I be able to post pictures of them to gather info or is that not allowed?


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Sprotrizing sucks. My dad gave me a rifle his dad had confisgated as a Sheriff. Know one could figure out what it was. I took it apart and realized the bolt action mechanism was archaic. finally figured out (using the internet) that it is a Veterlli not to mention a low serial numbered one to boot. Then came to find out that it was one of many Sears Roebuck bought sporterized and sold for $20 WITH box of ammo.

Probably not worth the amount to ship it anywhere but damn it has has some history. It was made in 1887ish. Wish I could shoot it once.
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